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There are a number of sites where individuals can get free colored contacts by mail. Colored contacts are available in many different designs and styles. Most of these contacts are novelty items, and are used for enhancing the eyes. They do not need a prescription, although they can actually help an individual see better by using contrast. For instance, a green tennis ball may show up better if the individual has colored contacts in place.

There are contacts that also have cats eyes or different eye effects for the individual. It is important to separate cosmetic lenses from prescription however. Colored lenses without a prescription are available from many makers, although you will still need to see an optometrist to get the correct size. Free colored contacts sample lenses by mail are available.

green-colored-contactsFree Color Contact Samples

Actual prescription colored contacts that are available by mail will definitely require an optometrist’s, or other eye specialist’s prescription. An individual will send in their prescription to get what they need. Their optometrist will make sure that they have lenses that are properly fit their eyes, and are the right strength. Remember an individual only has one set of eyes and they need to make sure they are not harming them by getting improperly fitted lenses. Many of the major manufacturers have these lenses available so an individual should be able to see how they look with a different eye color.

There are a number of websites that one can go to find colored contacts and get a free sample by mail. One simply has to Google the words and they can find a website that provides these contacts. It is important to make a distinction between the prescription colored contacts and those that are non prescription. It will make a difference in terms of getting lenses from mainstream manufacturers such as Acuvue. One definitely has to have a prescription for a trial pair from them or Durasoft or Fresh look colors. Colored lenses are even available for dark eyes, so that dark eyed individuals can try these lenses also. Free colored contacts sample by mail are relatively easy to get.

Once an individual has their prescription in hand, they can then order their colored prescription lenses for free. Some of the manufacturers ask an individual to pay shipping costs or may issue a rebate for the lenses. Each offer is slightly different, so make sure to read the fine print on the offer. Once an individual orders the lenses it takes a relatively short time to be able to get them usually only a week or so.

Once you have received your lenses in the mail, make sure that you only try one pair at a time since it may take you a while to get used to them. Contacts by mail are an easy way to shop for and try different lenses, just take care and order a product that will not damage your eyes.

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  1. antigone coleman says:

    i would like to recieve the free sample contacts by mail.

    • Sample Contacts says:

      Yes, get sample contact lenses for free by going to the websites of contact lens manufacturers and finding their offers for free lenses. They are available for both colored and non-colored contact lenses. Enjoy!

  2. antigone coleman says:

    i wear glasses but i am tiredwearing them and would like to try sone contacts.